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I'm a design consultant specialising in energy flow. I assess buildings and interiors that aren’t working.

I make Key recommendations and provide Indepth Help for clients seeking to align their Environment with thEir goals. My expertise is based on A 20+ year career in the construction industy as an interior Architect. aLso, I am a classicaLly trained Feng Shui practitioner.


Did you know that there are three kinds of energetic patterns or Qi / Ch'i? Cosmic Qi is that great primal Source that creates Everything and that keeps our planet spinning around the sun. Human Qi is that spark of life in us that gives us energy to create, do and be. Earth Qi is that creative force that gives an infinite number of beings life, all while growing our vegetables. Feng Shui works with Earth Qi.  

I use this ancient knowledge to help us with our human needs and to help our buildings be successful. Cosmic Qi patterns are the magnetic direction and the time when the building was 'born'. From this information I make my calculations. I offer simultaneous analyses of architectural and interior design forms with the energetic patterns present in and around buildings. I work both virtually and in-person.

I consult and advise in three main ways; 

  1. design + feng shui reviews - feel better about your space immediately

  2. classical feng shui reports - In Depth analysis; is your property beneficial? or is it bad for money and bad for people?

  3. pre-design services - expert design and feng shui guidance before you build, move (from or to), renovate or purchase a property


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creative phase of transformation - WATER FEEDS WOOD

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‘photo to sketch’ based interiors advice

Quick interior design + feng shui consult

I draw digitally on top of photos and floor plans that you send me, correcting interiors so they look, feel and function better for you. I’m unique in that I can offer you interior design and Feng Shui advice together. The energy of a space is more than the sum of its parts and I can tell a lot just by looking at your photos. Typically I will make recommendations on maximising what you have already; the placement of furnishings and addressing colour, art and lighting issues too. The intention is to make wellbeing and prosperity a primary focus while simultaneously making the best aesthetic recommendations.  Its a ‘do this, not that’ type of design-led Feng Shui advisory service. I want to make sure your environment is working with you, not against you.

how it works : you send me your photos & floor plans

deliverable : ‘photo to sketch’ based advice, voice notes if complex

Benefits : expert advice fast, what to do & change to protect your investment, enhance your property and make you & your space feel and look better

€150 (max four photos)

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Personal Trigram Emailed Report

In the report you will discover;

  • What colour your wallet should be to support your finances.

  • What colours to wear to support you daily and on special occasions, like interviews etc.

  • The colours and Elements that deplete you.

  • Your personal Trigram, your Chinese year, celestial Animal, Element, Symbol and personal number.

  • Which directional group you belong to; East or West Group, in terms of cardinal Directions (8 Mansion Theory).

  • Your Qualities.

    What is best for you? North, South East, West? Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast? Also find out the following;

  • Your optimum personal best direction.  This is the best location correlated with Prosperity and Great Fame so have your back face this direction for productivity.  Best location for the main breadwinner of the home to enter in.

  • The best location correlated with your Great Health and Good Fortune.  Know which location is best for the parents/elders of the home. Have your back face this direction while eating for better nutritional digestion.

  • Your personal best location for Family Harmony, Good Public Relationships and Longevity.  Know which health direction is best for the children in the home.  This area is also correlated with harmony and ease in familial relationships.

  • Your best sleeping orientation for Overall Harmony, Clarity (decision making) and Peace. Discover the best direction to place your headboard (so that the crown of your head points to this direction) to enjoy a great sleep. This is a also the direction correlated with healthy fertility. 


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compass & time based services

classical feng shui consultations

ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE FOR improving your health and wealth

Is your home, office or hotel a 'Wang Shang Wang Shui' building?  This means it is 'Good For People AND Good For Money'. What we all want right?

However there are 3 other types; 'DOUBLE SITTING' which is 'Good For People AND Bad For Money'.

'DOUBLE FACING' which is 'Bad For People AND Good For Money' and lastly a 'REVERSE' building which is 'Bad For People AND Bad For Money'. 

To find out what you have and maximise your success and health purchase a complete Classical Feng Shui personal report detailing all you need to know.

As compass calculations are very accurate using the website you can be anywhere in the world and receive the same standard of excellence in terms of consultation and report documentation. I don’t need to be there with you however in-person consultations are wonderful though and my clients do enjoy the visit as do I.

How it works; after purchasing, I will email a detailed questionnaire. You then return it with photos of the property, its year of construction & the floor plans. I set up a time to visit if it is an in-person consultation. The assessments, calculations, writing the reports, marking up the photos, sketching and packaging the digital file takes about two weeks. The detailed reports are; one which is all about you and your family’s trigrams and your particular needs and recommendations (about 25 to 30 pages0 and a second one which details everything you need to know to get your space rebalanced, feeling and looking wonderful (about 50 t0 70 pages depending on the complexity of the issues. Size in terms of square metres is not a factor. An odd shaped apartment can be as complicated as three storey regularly shaped building)

benefits : Peace of mind. Empowered feelings of working with your property and having it aligned to support you and your goals.

Further details; This is a complete package looking at your internal and external environment. It involves a detailed questionnaire and intention / goal setting to begin with. The full report covers compass readings with magnetic declination adjustment, Land Form Feng Shui, the Combination Flying Stars Natal Chart with a full checklist of Hua Jie (cures) for each of the nine guas, your trigrams and individual recommendations for the best directions to sleep and colours to wear, sketched on and marked up photos, personal feng shui advice and information and any special requirements for your home or business. Email and messaging support. Individual attention. The report is very involved and detailed. Implementing it is a deeply rewarding experience and has a 'do it once and do it right' feeling for my clients.

Floor plans are usually found with the deeds for a building or can often be found online if you google your address. The better they are, the more accurate I can be. Architectural plans are brilliant, I love to receive those in .pdf, .dxf, .dwg. Send me also any proposed architectural plans as well as existing. Scans of hardcopy 'blueprints' in .jpeg, .tiff, .pdf are formats I can use. At a push I can work with a free hand sketch too but this is not ideal. You can survey your home or space and send me the dimensioned sketch (in metric ideally, so I don't have to convert) and I can draw the floor plans but I do need to charge extra for this service. Email me detailing your project and I can quote for this additional work.

Classical Feng Shui ONLINE/VIRTUAL VISIT, calculations & full report €600

Classical Feng Shui IN PERSON VISIT calculations & full report, one floor plan (i.e. a single storey building) €850

Classical Feng Shui IN PERSON VISIT calculations & full report, two floor plans (i.e. a two storey building) €950

For multiple storey buildings please email me to discuss.

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before you invest, get advice

PRE-DESIGN EVALUATION of proposed projects

Before buying a home, renting a commercial space, building new or refurbishing a property talk to me.

I work with clients, their design teams and contractors to come up with the very best solutions for the most successful final buildings. I have 20+ years of design and construction industry experience.

Get an early analysis of your project to maximise design and Feng Shui opportunities and eliminate negatives.

The pre-design stage is the financially smartest time to fully understand your project's highest potential.


element of wood

creative phase of transformation - WOOD FEEDS FIRE

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My background - I'm an interior architect who is passionate about creating beauty and harmony together. My focus is always on INTENTION. The intention behind everything, whether that is within built spaces or in a client's desire for holistic living. My career includes designing palaces for Royal clients in the Middle East. I've also designed corporate interiors in Canary Wharf and The City Of London. I've held positions on the other side of the design table too; working as a client in real estate development in Abu Dhabi as head of Interior Design at Aldar PJSC.

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In 2011 I chose to train with Martha Beck in her life coach training programme. I did this to be of even better service to my design clients when working one to one and confidentially. Her training is invaluable and I fold it into much of my work, especially with clients who want to create inner change as well as outer. They want coaching around things like; dissolving limiting beliefs, envisioning a new dream, setting goals, de-cluttering etc. I work with them using metaphor tools such as 'The Ideal Day' exercise and the 'Living Space' tool amongst others. Martha Beck’s methodology is elegant and very effective. My core work is outer design and energy, and as an interior architect and Feng Shui expert I can help greatly here but adding in the inner work too is profoundly effective for those who seek this also. I can help you live in a high vibrational way (which means living according to your Highest Self) in a home filled with beauty and meaning. I can support you in the process to sleeping better, eating beneficially, living well and loving more. See my listing here




Additional training and personal development aligned with my work:

The Chopra Centre, 'Manifesting with the Masters', Seduction of Spirit 7 day retreat, Whistler, Canada.

Dr Jean Houston's Mystery School, 'Living Your Supreme Destiny', 9 month mentoring programme.

One on one shamanic mentoring and Mystery School with Cáit Branigan and House & Land Clearing techniques (Celtic Shamanic Tradition)

Denise Linn's 'Elemental Space Clearing' certification online course.




As an interior architect and Feng Shui professional, I work with the energy of form, both human built and nature formed. This Yang way of living and working in the world is balanced by a Yin way of being. As an artist I am pulled to express what I am seeing with a deeper, or perhaps Higher part of myself. I feel inspired to paint the energetics I feel, both seen and unseen; landscapes, archetypes, mythology, Qi flows, weather, nature’s patterns.

In my Yang work I utilise an exactness of scale, accurate compass readings. Time is important and technology is vital. In my Yin work I am flowing and not controlling. I am led by the unseen. I often paint with plain water first, dropping in the paint later. I cannot see what I am doing but the art is forming this way, in reverse. It is for this reason too that I use masking fluid, use negative space, starting with the paper that will not be painted. For all these reasons I choose to work in watercolour, water is life, water is bigger than me.

In Chinese metaphysics, water is one of the Five Elements. Pigment is of the Earth Element. The paper I use is made of cotton, which is of the Wood Element. Metal cuts the paper I uses and many of my tools are of this Element. The Fire Element, combined with Earth, creates the pigments that are mined from the earth… my artworks combine all Five Elements.

I like to use collected rain or holy water, cruelty free paintbrushes and as of 2019, vegan handmade paper. Having abandoned painting for many years, I took it up again after a resurgence in my creativity occurred in 2014. It is now part of my own ‘living well’ way of being in the world. I regularly draw, sketch and paint. The works on paper you can buy here are original, contemporary, watercolour abstracts. My work has been sold around the world. The works on paper you can buy here are original, contemporary, watercolour abstracts. My work has been sold around the world. I'm a member of the Visual Artists of Ireland

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element of fire

creative phase of transformation - fire feeds earth

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HOW I SAVED MILLIONS with one clear design decision

Photo I took from the 22 floor - looking at Al Raha and Yas island, Sept 2008

photo by Denis Guichard Aug 2008

photo by Denis Guichard Aug 2008

In 2008, in a site office in Abu Dhabi’s Al Raha district, I was sitting in a high level meeting with the CEO, COO and main stakeholders of Aldar Properties. Our architects were pitching us an idea they had for a plot of land next to one of our flagship properties, the iconic‘HQ’ building they had designed.

I had just been hired by the CEO to be, as he put it, his ‘design eyes and ears’. He wanted security. He wanted design expertise that he knew he lacked. He knew I was a great interior designer and knew that if I had been trusted by the UAE Royal families then he could trust me too. 

He asked me to sit next to him in meetings like this, when major design decisions hinged on his approval to proceed. In this meeting our architects were proposing to build a smaller version of their disc shaped ‘HQ’ building. This important project was on site, several months into programme but about a year before even ‘topping out’. No-one could say what it would actually look and feel like in the actual built reality and human experience of it. There was much discussion and many opinions thrown about. My CEO was stern. He quietened everybody and turned to me, “Áine, what do you think? What is the best design decision here?”

It was incredibly easy for me. I said; “To build a replica, even a smaller one, will devalue the first. It would be like building a one-third smaller Eiffel tower next to the original. This is an iconic building, with an architecturally unique form. It needs to be be viewed and appreciated for its specialness. Because was not part of the masterplan it will read as an afterthought and irreparably damage the status of the concept of the current building. If you build this replica right next to the HQ building it will be a mistake.”

This was the last word on the subject. My CEO and COO were in agreement. This proposal was rejected right then and there. Enormous amounts of money and time was saved. Later, as the worldwide financial crisis began to be felt in the UAE this decision further proved to be a wise one. Also, as we progressed on site, issues with insufficiency of services and parking for the main building emerged. The plot of land next to HQ was now invaluable. Its proximity meant we could fully support our tenants, occupants and make our building a commercial success.


element of earth

creative phase of transformation - EARTH FEEDS METAL

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[after reviewing an interior design project] I took a notebook to write down everything I didn’t like. Look, it’s empty! I liked everything!
— HH Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Daughter of the Ruler of Dubai

We are so very glad that we contacted Áine ahead of our new creative shop opening in 2018. We are two creative businesses, Healing Creations Mandala Art and ANU Skincare, who share a space in the beautiful setting of the old courtyard in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham. The building is old, dating back to the 17th century and holds a lot of history and energy too. We felt that a Feng Shui consultancy would be beneficial to the space. From the very beginning we felt extremely comfortable and connected with Áine; it was as though we had known her for a long time and working with her felt very right. Áine has an exceptional knowledge of classical Feng Shui and her soulful and aesthetic delivery of advice has been simply wonderful.

We have been implementing Áine’s suggestions for each Gua of the shop, rectifying the energy where Áine advised it needs remedying. Writing our intentions for our business and our creative lives has been so uplifting. Knowing where to place our money and where not to has also been fantastic. We can almost feel the energy shift as we proceed in implementing each remedy. INDEED, ONLY FIVE MINUTES AFTER WRITING AND PLACING OUR AFFIRMATIONS FOR THE FINANCIAL ASPECT OF THE SHOP, IN WALKED A LADY TO WHOM WE MADE OUR BIGGEST SALE YET! When people enter the space, they exhale. It’s as though the space calms and centres them. You can literally see and feel them relax. The most common phrase we hear is ‘this place is magical!’

We feel that Áine’s Feng Shui suggestions have absolutely improved the energy of our shop and of our businesses. We are watching our intentions come to fruition! We would highly recommend Áine and her beautiful and soulful work.
— Patricia Fitzgerald, Healing Creations Mandala Art @ 300 Acres

I am a fan, I simply love both designs, BRAVO Áine!
We will produce these pieces!!!!! Thank you for your work, I am impressed!
— Michael Wagner, Président/CEO Charles Paris, Interior Jewelry Since 1908

Hello darling Áine! I can feel your spirit inspiring me through the Everywhen and I love it! You are one of earth’s most glorious Wayfinders; I’m so blessed you found your way to our Tribe. xoxo
— Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author and columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

..but Áine you don’t realise, no one else saw that; not the architect or realtor. Wow, with your layout, I don’t even want to sell!
— private interior design client, Boston, USA

Áine was highly recommended to me by a renowned Feng Shui Master Teacher. Being able to work with Áine has been a true gift and blessing. She gave me the guidance necessary to completely transform my vacation rental house with her professional Feng Shui consulting services. Also, we have purchased some of her very beautiful and inspiring artwork which has been a perfect addition to all her extremely helpful and effective Feng Shui guidance. As a result of working with Áine, my vacation rental property has already received its first few bookings in a surprisingly fast amount of time right out of the gate and our first guest has already reported to us how much they absolutely loved and adored the space. Áine is the real deal, she’s a true master Feng Shui consultant and she is also extremely intuitive about the best way to transform and optimise the positive energy of spaces. I can’t recommend Áine highly enough for professional Feng Shui consulting and I hope to be blessed again with the opportunity to work with her on future projects.
— Sean M. Murray, owner 'The Poppy Seed' Austin, Texas, USA
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Abby Wynne Book-Of-Healing-Affirmations-Web.jpg
I moved into a new office to work with high energies and the space didn’t seem grounded to me. I knew something was off but didn’t know what. I sent photos of my space to Áine and she could tell immediately where the energy was flowing and what was blocking it. I made some small changes right away and the room settled almost immediately. What a relief! I found Áine very easy to talk to, she understood the issue and came up with a solution straight away. I even bought one of her paintings too! Her photograph service is really effective, I’m delighted I tried it.
— Abby Wynne, Author and therapist, Dublin

You are the most perfect of all people to assist me. YOU also contain such love light and authenticity and you have an amazing depth of soul and insight. I trust you implicitly
— Regina D, Dublin
Áine, you have a gift for pleasure, surprise, delight. 
— Anne D. - Massachusetts

...LOVE your artwork too, you’ve got an incredible ability for creative design which I love and respect.
— Denis G.
Your work, no, your creations are so truly exquisite I can hardly breathe!
— Tara R.

Deborah Cogley Art - aine atara art.jpg
I’m very open about it everything so really happy to admit we need help! I completely trust you, so we one hundred percent feel confident in the advice you’ll give!
— Deborah C. - Dublin

I had a Classical Feng Shui Flying Stars consultation. I absolutely loved the experience. I have rearranged my home as per the Full Report and Áine gave such valuable advice. I’m thrilled with how our home looks. It feels more spacious. Also I achieved what I wanted; to have a vibe that was much fresher, cleaner and less cluttered! I absolutely love my Family & Community gua. It brings me joy every time I see it.
— Audrey B - professional and busy mum of two, Dublin

Áine Atara-MacDermott is so talented. An interior architect and pre-design strategist, she has a special relationship to and with space, be it in a room, online, on a page, or drawing… If you need pre-design advice, you only need to refer to her impressive and extensive client list to know you’re in good hands. Or you can just take my word for it too. Like me, she sees that art is indeed, everything. And you don’t need to be in Ireland to access her skills!
— Lynn F. - Points North Creative, Canada


element of metal

creative phase of transformation - metal feeds water

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Questions about your home, office, or hotel project? or about my paintings? Email me direct from this form;

Which aspect of my work are you interested in? *