My background - I'm an interior architect who is passionate about creating beauty and harmony together. My focus is always on INTENTION. The intention behind everything, whether that is within built spaces or in a client's desire for holistic living. My career includes designing palaces for Royal clients in the Middle East. I've also designed corporate interiors in Canary Wharf and The City Of London. I've held positions on the other side of the design table too; working as a client in real estate development in Abu Dhabi as head of Interior Design at Aldar PJSC.

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In 2011 I chose to train with Martha Beck in her life coach training programme. I did this to be of even better service to my design clients when working one to one and confidentially. Her training is invaluable and I fold it into much of my work, especially with clients who want to create inner change as well as outer. They want coaching around things like; dissolving limiting beliefs, envisioning a new dream, setting goals, de-cluttering etc. I work with them using metaphor tools such as 'The Ideal Day' exercise and the 'Living Space' tool amongst others. Martha Beck’s methodology is elegant and very effective. My core work is outer design and energy, and as an interior architect and Feng Shui expert I can help greatly here but adding in the inner work too is profoundly effective for those who seek this also. I can help you live in a high vibrational way (which means living according to your Highest Self) in a home filled with beauty and meaning. I can support you in the process to sleeping better, eating beneficially, living well and loving more. See my listing here




Additional training and personal development aligned with my work:

The Chopra Centre, 'Manifesting with the Masters', Seduction of Spirit 7 day retreat, Whistler, Canada.

Dr Jean Houston's Mystery School, 'Living Your Supreme Destiny', 9 month mentoring programme.

One on one shamanic mentoring and Mystery School with Cáit Branigan and House & Land Clearing techniques (Celtic Shamanic Tradition)

Denise Linn's 'Elemental Space Clearing' certification online course.




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For my own wellness lifestyle I practice creativity. So I paint, sketch, make and take photos. I do something creative most days. I also practice yoga and get outside into the Irish countryside and down to the beach as often as I can. I share my art on instagram and I also sell my artwork as people started asking me to do so! Read more and browse my online shop.