Classical Feng Shui VIRTUAL VISIT calculations & full report

Classical Feng Shui VIRTUAL VISIT calculations & full report



& detailed report

In depth and invaluable information on you, your family and your home’s relationship.

The job of a Feng Shui consultant is to identify positive and negative factors in the environment and to suggest strategies and remedies toward the balancing of both. I am unique in that I also comment and make recommendations on interior design where the two arts intersect; My clients find this result very helpful and through.

With every home or office’s design + Feng Shui audit I will make recommendations for enhancements of the positives and balancing of the negatives - but the choice is always yours to implement. The goal in my mind as I prepare assessments for clients is to look to bring in even more joy and abundance; to find ways for you and your loved ones to have more health, wealth, ease and flow in your lives.

This work is very involved and detailed. Essentially the deliverables are;

Fully marked up photos of your property so that you can understand exactly what is happening there and what you need to do.

A 30 page report, called 'Part One' (see below)

An 80 page report, 'Part Two' with all the photos, checklists for each room or sector (see below for an in-depth description of its contents)



Your home / office / environment has its own energies but we also need to look at your own personal Qi tendencies and patterns.

The Eight Trigrams are the basis for Feng Shui analysis and calculations, with a Bagua (meaning 8 places) representing the eight directional areas of your home; North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest. A Trigram is a representation of one of these directions and forms part of Yin and Yang theory. Your personal Trigram, because it is based on your date of birth, is information that is with you forever, no matter which house you live in. 

A Trigram (Ming Gua) is a representation of one of the 8 directions. So called in English for their tripartite structure, these diagrams point to much more fundamental principles; the Nature of Reality as seen as 8 interrelated concepts in Yin Yang theory. Each consists of three lines. Each line is either continuous (male energy) or in two parts (female energy).

Your element will guide you to your best choices for overall wellbeing and harmony. It also guides us on our best colours to wear that feel the best and don’t drain us. For attracting wealth and financial abundance our element guides us on the best colour choice when choosing a wallet.

Also your personal Trigram will tell you which are your best directions for spending most of your time at home; sleeping, eating, reading, working/studying and for your overall health. These are also your best directions always, in any future home,  wherever you go and wherever you spend a lot of time.

The Elements that DEPLETE you.

Your elemental qualities and tendencies. 

Your Best Directions - find out which suit you personally. Are they North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest;

A =  is your Personal Best direction; The best location for prosperity & great fame / how you share your light with the world.  Have your back face this direction for productivity. It is also the best location for the main breadwinner of the home to enter in.

B = is your best location for good fortune and great health.  Its a good health location for the parents/elders of the home.

C = is your best location for longevity, family harmony and good public relationships.  Its a good health direction for any children in the home. This area improves family relationships & prevents arguments.

D = is your best location for overall good harmony, fortune and peace. Its the best direction to have your headboard face to receive a good night’s sleep.  A good direction to sleep in to help with fertility.


Your home’s orientation showing the 8 directions;

Its important not to confuse directions with the Guas. Guas are sectors of the floor plan that lie in the geographical direction of the compass points. Directions have a degree related position.




Determining your house / building type & how to remedy it if needed;

1. 'Wang Shan, Wang Shui' which is the most desirable as it is supportive for people and for money.

2. Double Sitting : Supportive for people, but not for money.

3. Double Facing : Supportive for money, but not for people.

4. Reverse : Not supportive for people or money.


Your home or building's ELEMENT. This is the Element of your home’s Sitting Cardinal Direction based on the compass readings I take.

I recommend the best Element to support this active Qi /energy, advising on the best colour to paint the front door.

When looking at your furnishings I recommend that you look for shapes and patterns that support the house; for example, those of Wood, which are tall, long or rectangular, and those of Fire which are triangular or prism shaped. If you are buying anything new then this information is useful to know!


If your home or building is challenged then I advise on how to rebalance it. For example, a 'locked' situation in a ‘DOUBLE SITTING’ house.

This means that it is ‘good for people, bad for money’

'The remedy for a ‘Double Sitting’ (bad for money) home is to add Water (moving) to the Sitting side. You need approximately 5% of the overall sq mt in gallons. Adding a pumped water feature or fish pond is also recommended for you as your numbers show that the house entered a 20 year lock for money in 2004. On top of this, next year the Annual 8 ‘flies’ into the centre gua and this means that in 2019 you will be in an annual lock for money too.'

How it works;

We email and then connect via a short phone call. I'll ask to connect with your space and location. You will send me links to your home via Google Earth, Google maps and any thing else you feel is relevant. I'll ask you to take photos standing in all four corners of each room. Video is also welcome. I tune in non-locally to listen to the land. I will connect and spend time tuning into the area where you live. 

Next we will meet online and I will listen deeply to all you want to tell me. I may sketch and take notes. When you have spoken about all you wish to achieve, I will ask any questions then, rather than interrupt your flow. If needed I'll ask you to walk the space while holding your device with it's camera on. I will add to my sketched floor plan/s of your space. I'll ask more questions.

We'll virtually sit down again and I'll go though my initial recommendations. We will hang up as I make my calculations. You don't need to be with me for this part of the work. Typical recommendations include placement of furniture and art, movement and flow, light appreciation and space clearing and energising. 

One consultation may be all that is necessary. Later consultations, if needed (due to clutter needing to be cleared for example), can be scheduled. Fees for follow-ups are €75 an hour.

As compass calculations are very accurate using the website you can be anywhere in the world and receive the same standard of excellence in terms of consultation and report documentation. I don’t need to be there with you however in-person consultations are wonderful though and my clients do enjoy the visit as do I.

How it works; after purchasing, I will email a detailed questionnaire. You then return it with photos of the property, its year of construction & the floor plans. I set up a time to visit if it is an in-person consultation. The assessments, calculations, writing the reports, marking up the photos, sketching and packaging the digital file takes about two weeks. The detailed reports are; one which is all about you and your family’s trigrams and your particular needs and recommendations (about 25 to 30 pages0 and a second one which details everything you need to know to get your space rebalanced, feeling and looking wonderful (about 50 t0 70 pages depending on the complexity of the issues. Size in terms of square metres is not a factor. An odd shaped apartment can be as complicated as three storey regularly shaped building)

benefits : Peace of mind. Empowered feelings of working with your property and having it aligned to support you and your goals.

Further details; This is a complete package looking at your internal and external environment. It involves a detailed questionnaire and intention / goal setting to begin with. The full report covers compass readings with magnetic declination adjustment, Land Form Feng Shui, the Combination Flying Stars Natal Chart with a full checklist of Hua Jie (cures) for each of the nine guas, your trigrams and individual recommendations for the best directions to sleep and colours to wear, sketched on and marked up photos, personal feng shui advice and information and any special requirements for your home or business. Email and messaging support. Individual attention. The report is very involved and detailed. Implementing it is a deeply rewarding experience and has a 'do it once and do it right' feeling for my clients.

Floor plans are usually found with the deeds for a building or can often be found online if you google your address. The better they are, the more accurate I can be. Architectural plans are brilliant, I love to receive those in .pdf, .dxf, .dwg. Send me also any proposed architectural plans as well as existing. Scans of hardcopy 'blueprints' in .jpeg, .tiff, .pdf are formats I can use. At a push I can work with a free hand sketch too but this is not ideal. You can survey your home or space and send me the dimensioned sketch (in metric ideally, so I don't have to convert) and I can draw the floor plans but I do need to charge extra for this service. Email me detailing your project and I can quote for this additional work.


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What is Feng Shui? 

Feng Shui IS: 

  • A practical technique for manipulating Qi or energy to improve prosperity, relationships and marriage; bring luck to your career, to help your family, support your children, advance respect and improve health and well being, among other things. 

  • The art and science of making the energy environment so supportive that one’s attitude, opportunities and luck automatically change for the better.

Feng Shui is NOT: 

  • A religion 

  • A form of psychology 

  • A form of interior decorating 

  • Magic 

  • A cure-all 

  • Easy 

  • A spiritual practice 

  • Just intuition 

  • A fad (it’s been around for more than 4000 years) 

  • A way to improve your chances of anything (*) although it can help you
    accumulate more personal luck, which is an abundance of opportunities, but it CANNOT change the mathematical laws of the universe. MORE ON LUCK BELOW... 

FENG (pronounced fung) means WIND and SHUI (pronounced shway) means WATER – Wind and water carry Qi (the energy of life); 60% of our bodies are water and air. The three principles of Qi say that;

  1. Everything is alive 

  2. Everything is connected - related 

  3. Everything is changing – weather, seasons, bodies, emotions

The three kinds of Qi (sometimes called luck or fates)

  1. Heaven Qi – the “horoscope” we were born with. Our destiny patterns. 

  2. Human Qi – Our own responsibility. The efforts we undertake to overcome obstacles in life, enhanced and shaped greatly through our thinking, mindset and attitude of gratitude.

  3. Earth Qi – Feng Shui – the conscious manipulating of Qi to improve our opportunities.


  • To contain the right quality and quantity of Qi within the home or office to improve the EARTH luck of its occupants. 

  • To enhance wellbeing. Similar to Acupuncture, (Feng Shui has the same roots in working with energy), blocked or stagnant Qi can cause fatigue and compromise the immune system causing health issues. The same applies in your home or offices. 

Qi. What is it?

Qi produces the dynamic interaction between:

  • YIN / YANG - Mutually dependent opposites that cannot live without one another. The job of Feng Shui is to bring balance between these two opposites.

  • The 5 ELEMENTS - It is important to understand that these five elements are not literally what the names imply but rather a representation of a universal energy behind their manifestation here on earth. 

The whole purpose of Feng Shui is to guide us in determining how to influence these energies beneficially in our homes and businesses. The 5 Elements are;

  1. WATER – Nourishes the energies of growth and carries Qi energy.

  2. WOOD – The energy of vegetative growth

  3. FIRE – Transformational energy

  4. EARTH – Neutrally at the centre to balance the others. 

  5. METAL – The energy of man-made fabrication (business & trade) 

In the reports I go into detail on the balancing of the 5 Elements in relation to specific details in your environment.

I tell you where you the “Peach Blossom” numbers which are very auspicious in romance and in doing well in your work in terms of recognition and being seen.

Clutter and why it is so bad for us , why it can block good things from arriving. Why it makes us ill.

How to handle it, strategies and great information and help for motivating you to make positive changes.

Space Clearing and raising the vibration of your home; what it is, how to do it yourself and how a professional will do it for you. I do offer this service too.

Intentional Feng Shui; manifesting, getting clear, intention setting, where to activate what in your home or office.

Vision boards and books, affirmations and goals, where to put them in your environment and posters on how to write them.

Crystals, deities, sacred objects, home altars,; how to work with them, where to place them, how to care for your precious items.

Feng Shui for Love and romance; your bedroom

Feng Shui elemental remedies (no charms or tacky items here!) How to place metal items, types of water features and indoor fountains, working with red colours in place of fire, plants, and stones.