QUICK CONSULT - 'photo to sketch' advice

QUICK CONSULT - 'photo to sketch' advice


Interior design & Feng Shui quick advice;

Get immediate help and advice by email, WhatsApp or DM.

How it works: After purchasing from the link below I will email you. You send me photos of your space (office, room, kitchen, bedroom etc) and I’ll return them layered with an overlaid sketch, fully marked up with comments.

Benefits: You will immediately know what to do and change in order to make a qualitative, positive difference to your space. Smart choices in design, colour, layout, lighting and Feng Shui principles will benefit how you live and help you work efficiently.

Whatever your concern is with your built environment I will be able to spot the issues and make recommendations for what can be done for the best.

About to make renovations? This consult is perfect to have done before investing in your project. Knowing your design options before, you can feel confident about any large investments because you will have had expert advice on what is possible and best for you.

Not sure about your home or office’s design and vibe? Getting a virtual consult like this is a great first step into the world of Feng Shui and design together.

My core skill is being able to look at built environments and say what isn’t working, why, and sketch the solution.

I can tell a lot from just photographs and clients find it really helpful to have an expert overlook their ideas and room before making a major decision like moving or before making a major purchase. Deciding to renovate or move, to redesign the layout or buy a new kitchen are all big decisions that I can help you with.

You get my expertise in interior design, layout and Feng Shui all in one virtual visit; My international career has spanned 20+ years. I'm a Registered Interior Designer (British Institute of Interior Design and International Interior Design Association) as well as a Red Ribbon Professional (International Feng Shui Guild).

The cost is €100 for a maximum of 4 photos. If you do have a floor plan of the building, room or house then send that too. There is no charge for the floor plan. This consult takes an hour to complete. If your space or project is more complex then please purchase multiple or buy a “Day of Expertise” for 8 hours of my time.

Tip: Take one photo from each corner of the room, standing with your back as close to the corner as you can.

I will send the completed ‘photo to sketch’ consult images back to you within two business days, or sooner, depending on my workload / schedule.

I use an iPadPro and apple pencil to sketch and annotate indicating changes needed and my recommendations. If it is complicated or I feel I have more to communicate, I will also send you a voice note recording with further explanations and directions.

Giving me the address of the property you want reviewed is optional. However it will help me understand the issues a lot more if I can study the land forms around your property.

Note; be assured all my consultations are completely confidential.

My rate for this service is is €300. Contact me if you are in Ireland and want to be invoiced directly and avoid the 2% Squarespace charges.

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