‘photo to sketch’ based interiors advice

Quick interior design + feng shui consult

I draw digitally on top of photos and floor plans that you send me, correcting interiors so they look, feel and function better for you. I’m unique in that I can offer you interior design and Feng Shui advice together. The energy of a space is more than the sum of its parts and I can tell a lot just by looking at your photos. Typically I will make recommendations on maximising what you have already; the placement of furnishings and addressing colour, art and lighting issues too. The intention is to make wellbeing and prosperity a primary focus while simultaneously making the best aesthetic recommendations.  Its a ‘do this, not that’ type of design-led Feng Shui advisory service. I want to make sure your environment is working with you, not against you.

how it works : you send me your photos & floor plans

deliverable : ‘photo to sketch’ based advice, voice notes if complex

Benefits : expert advice fast, what to do & change to protect your investment, enhance your property and make you & your space feel and look better

€150 (max four photos)

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Personal Trigram Emailed Report

In the report you will discover;

  • What colour your wallet should be to support your finances.

  • What colours to wear to support you daily and on special occasions, like interviews etc.

  • The colours and Elements that deplete you.

  • Your personal Trigram, your Chinese year, celestial Animal, Element, Symbol and personal number.

  • Which directional group you belong to; East or West Group, in terms of cardinal Directions (8 Mansion Theory).

  • Your Qualities.

    What is best for you? North, South East, West? Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast? Also find out the following;

  • Your optimum personal best direction.  This is the best location correlated with Prosperity and Great Fame so have your back face this direction for productivity.  Best location for the main breadwinner of the home to enter in.

  • The best location correlated with your Great Health and Good Fortune.  Know which location is best for the parents/elders of the home. Have your back face this direction while eating for better nutritional digestion.

  • Your personal best location for Family Harmony, Good Public Relationships and Longevity.  Know which health direction is best for the children in the home.  This area is also correlated with harmony and ease in familial relationships.

  • Your best sleeping orientation for Overall Harmony, Clarity (decision making) and Peace. Discover the best direction to place your headboard (so that the crown of your head points to this direction) to enjoy a great sleep. This is a also the direction correlated with healthy fertility. 


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compass & time based services

classical feng shui consultations

ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE FOR improving your health and wealth

Is your home, office or hotel a 'Wang Shang Wang Shui' building?  This means it is 'Good For People AND Good For Money'. What we all want right?

However there are 3 other types; 'DOUBLE SITTING' which is 'Good For People AND Bad For Money'.

'DOUBLE FACING' which is 'Bad For People AND Good For Money' and lastly a 'REVERSE' building which is 'Bad For People AND Bad For Money'. 

To find out what you have and maximise your success and health purchase a complete Classical Feng Shui personal report detailing all you need to know.

As compass calculations are very accurate using the website setcompass.com you can be anywhere in the world and receive the same standard of excellence in terms of consultation and report documentation. I don’t need to be there with you however in-person consultations are wonderful though and my clients do enjoy the visit as do I.

How it works; after purchasing, I will email a detailed questionnaire. You then return it with photos of the property, its year of construction & the floor plans. I set up a time to visit if it is an in-person consultation. The assessments, calculations, writing the reports, marking up the photos, sketching and packaging the digital file takes about two weeks. The detailed reports are; one which is all about you and your family’s trigrams and your particular needs and recommendations (about 25 to 30 pages0 and a second one which details everything you need to know to get your space rebalanced, feeling and looking wonderful (about 50 t0 70 pages depending on the complexity of the issues. Size in terms of square metres is not a factor. An odd shaped apartment can be as complicated as three storey regularly shaped building)

benefits : Peace of mind. Empowered feelings of working with your property and having it aligned to support you and your goals.

Further details; This is a complete package looking at your internal and external environment. It involves a detailed questionnaire and intention / goal setting to begin with. The full report covers compass readings with magnetic declination adjustment, Land Form Feng Shui, the Combination Flying Stars Natal Chart with a full checklist of Hua Jie (cures) for each of the nine guas, your trigrams and individual recommendations for the best directions to sleep and colours to wear, sketched on and marked up photos, personal feng shui advice and information and any special requirements for your home or business. Email and messaging support. Individual attention. The report is very involved and detailed. Implementing it is a deeply rewarding experience and has a 'do it once and do it right' feeling for my clients.

Floor plans are usually found with the deeds for a building or can often be found online if you google your address. The better they are, the more accurate I can be. Architectural plans are brilliant, I love to receive those in .pdf, .dxf, .dwg. Send me also any proposed architectural plans as well as existing. Scans of hardcopy 'blueprints' in .jpeg, .tiff, .pdf are formats I can use. At a push I can work with a free hand sketch too but this is not ideal. You can survey your home or space and send me the dimensioned sketch (in metric ideally, so I don't have to convert) and I can draw the floor plans but I do need to charge extra for this service. Email me detailing your project and I can quote for this additional work.

Classical Feng Shui ONLINE/VIRTUAL VISIT, calculations & full report €600

Classical Feng Shui IN PERSON VISIT calculations & full report, one floor plan (i.e. a single storey building) €850

Classical Feng Shui IN PERSON VISIT calculations & full report, two floor plans (i.e. a two storey building) €950

For multiple storey buildings please email me to discuss.

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before you invest, get advice

PRE-DESIGN EVALUATION of proposed projects

Before buying a home, renting a commercial space, building new or refurbishing a property talk to me.

I work with clients, their design teams and contractors to come up with the very best solutions for the most successful final buildings. I have 20+ years of design and construction industry experience.

Get an early analysis of your project to maximise design and Feng Shui opportunities and eliminate negatives.

The pre-design stage is the financially smartest time to fully understand your project's highest potential.