’Cledon, Pointing The Way To Your Highest Good’

’Cledon, Pointing The Way To Your Highest Good’


[ R E S E R V E D F O R H E A T H E R ]

I used watercolour paint, watercolour inks, watercolour powder and oil sticks. The finished piece has a powerful and stabilising energy that is about our larger place in the world. It is grounding and calming. It is very textured and I painted it in many layers; each drying completely before another was added. It took many weeks and it has two orbs of light as the first layer.

As it seemed to speak to me, I pulled a card for it and it spoke of the phenomenon of the Cledon; when you receive guidance from a stranger or a happening.

“One of my favorite spiritual phenomenas to talk about is the cledon. It’s a message from Spirit that is innocently and unknowingly delivered to you by someone or something else. And, once you tune into the cledons all around you, you’ll be truly amazed at the personal and powerful messages Spirit has for you.” - Colette Baron Reid

As you know, I work with the energy of homes; how they feel, look and behave so my clients feel supported and have a sense of ‘rightness’ around how they choose to live. The subliminal messages coming from how your home is decorated can be very powerful. What are your decorative items correlated with? What art do you hang in your home? Does it lift your spirit? Inspire you to infinite possibilities?

An infinity symbol reminds us that every thing and everyone is important, related and that there are infinite solutions to every issue. It’s correlated with the highest and best, the never ending love and goodness of Source Energy. May it enrich your life and home with positive energy and joy!

This one is larger than most I paint. It's A2 size which is 16.5 x 23.4 inches or 59 x 42cm, professional grade Windsor & Newton watercolour paper.

It will be best float framed by a professional framer, on soft white and in a ‘limed’ oak box frame or a matching white painted box frame. It can be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference; perhaps your framer can put two cords at the back?

Signed and dated on the back.

Sent in a strong, 3mm walled, cardboard tube.

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