'Culleenamore Crystal Beach In February Light'

'Culleenamore Crystal Beach In February Light'


A watercolour interpretation of how the light looked on one of the beaches near where I live.

You can really see the beautiful texture of the Arches 'Torchon' paper in the photos where I am holding the piece.

It's painted in real crystal watercolour including genuine Garnet, Malachite, Hematite and Tiger's Eye. The yellow isn't a crystal watercolour paint but a Schmincke Hordam colour.

Oh and as always with my work, the light is the white paper.

Also a note: the granulation of the Hematite and Tiger's Eye watercolour is especially nice. The Garnet paint is very fine milled and doesn't granulate (separate and settle) as much. It has a lot of depth this small work.

4 x 11” (10 x 28cm)

Signed, dated on front and titled on the back.

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