'Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Ether.'

'Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Ether.'


Textured, very 3D…The thing about tuning into your life in a mindful way is that you really begin to notice how everything is related and connected. I noticed that when hanging a painting at home you are not just beautifying and decorating., what you are actually doing is connecting to the five elements. How? 
Wood because the paper is made from plants (100% cotton)

Fire because the pigments used are formed using heat.

Earth because pigments are made from earth and I often use real crystal watercolours made from genuine rock formed crystals.

Metal in the paint brush, in the cutting and in the framing

Water because nothing can happen without water, I use it to activate the paint, to allow the colours to flow, blend and move across the page. 

Air is also present of course because in the creation of a painting, a balancing occurs between the air and the moisture in the just applied wet paint. Air is needed to dry the artwork. 

Ether 💫 because spirit is always present, always with you, always with me and always part of any creation born on a blank page 😉

This piece is called, fittingly, 'Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Ether.’

It's 12.5 x 9.5 inches (32 x 24cm) and is on very high quality 'Leonardo' Hahnemühle 600 gsm paper, Schmincke Horadam paints. 

Signed, dated and titled on the back.

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