'Green Tara's Crystal Light' - diptych, portrait format

'Green Tara's Crystal Light' - diptych, portrait format


Painted with genuine Malachite crystal watercolour paint, which sadly is discontinued now. Daniel Smith don’t make it as a watercolour anymore. Apparently the malachite wouldn’t stay in the tube, it kept corroding the metal. This is what I experienced with my tube of the paint, but I thought it was just my tube! Makes me smile. Crystals are living things and are active although we may not notice always!

As often with my work, the forms extend beyond the boundaries of the page. Green Tara is a bodhisattva who is dedicated to helping humans towards enlightenment. She has a personal resonance in my life and chosen name and is a powerful advocate and helper for positive change and love.

They are 5 x 7” each and are both painted in malachite and jadeite (real jade!) watercolour paint.

I often paint circles and lines as I’m exploring infinity and water and natural forces... This is portrait format but I have another diptych in this series which is landscape.

These are a pair of 5 x 7 inch works on paper and will look amazing float mounted on white, box framed individually in limed oak and hung side by side.

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