'Multidimensionality of Our Experience II'

'Multidimensionality of Our Experience II'


I have a gallery wall of all my work related to crystals, numbers and water. All painted using Daniel Smith pure crystal watercolours. The wall hums with vibration! The pieces are very fluid and speak of freedom as the work is not visually bounded by the paper’s edge; it seemingly continues as our eyes and brain imagine the painting expanding beyond.

I’m continually working on my Matrix series of paintings; This is one of them, painted in genuine amethyst, diopside, kyanite and amazonite crystal watercolours and Holy Water from a sacred well near where I live... it’s all about the matrix of energy that connects us all.  
It really sparkles in sunlight! 
Original watercolour on Hahnemühle heavyweight paper. This is an original piece and there will not be any prints; the energy can’t be recreated in printer ink. 11 x 11 inches. (28 x 28 cm)


Signed and dated and titled on the back.

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