'Power to Stop Going Round AND Round'

'Power to Stop Going Round AND Round'


Can you see the cycles and patterns that are no longer working in your life? I painted this as I was asking myself this question. I was dealing with it on an internal level though and was not voicing it. Art comes through me and I painted this in many layerings. Watercolour needs time to dry, as does the oil stick. It would want me to add more even after I though she was finished.

Finally the work felt complete. I saw it one way first; with the ‘smoke-like’ grey gestures flowing upwards. Then I turned it through 180° as it seemed it wanted to go that way…I saw that the smoke was now water.

What does this mean? I haven’t had this happen before. A piece normally has just one orientation that it communicates clearly from the inception.


I sometimes pull oracle cards if I am pondering and wondering about a thing. I’ve added in the screenshots so you can see how on point the message was. I paint energy, the energy of Qi life force but also the energy of emotions. This is a piece that is saying;

“you can stop and choose. You have the power to make that choice. What ever you see in this painting you can choose the orientation because you get to choose the way you see the world.”

The work is 40 x 50cm (just under 16 x 20 inches)

Its watercolour, powder pigment, ink and oil stick on Canson Montreal 300gsm paper.


Signed, dated and titled on the back.

September 2018

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