'Tending The Eternal Flame. Goddess Vesta'

'Tending The Eternal Flame. Goddess Vesta'


The fairytale of Cinderella holds a dedication to the Goddess of the Hearth, Vesta (Hestia). Fairytales are, I believe, patterns of collective experience that help us understand how to live our lives connected to something bigger. This piece honours Vesta's symbol and the element of Fire 🔥 Available now, perfect for a home altar.

10 x 7 inches (25 x 18cm) and will look fabulous float mounted in a white frame.

The Langton watercolour paper is acid-free and chlorine free. It is made of 100% cotton fibres which provide strength and stability and professional archival quality. The paper is tub-sized in natural gelatine and air-dried, keeping the original intensity of the watercolour. No optical brighteners so it's natural white colour will not yellow with age and archival value is ensured.

The Langton watercolour paper. The weight of the paper is 300gsm.

This paper has a Not (cold pressed) surface. The surface of the paper is softly textured.


Signed and dated on the front, titled on the back.

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