'The Fairy City Of Goirias'

'The Fairy City Of Goirias'


* R E S E R V E D F O R T I A *

I was thinking of the Four Cities of the North in Irish mythology, which are associated with The Sidhe, when I painted this.

This one is related to Goirias whose wise one is Esras and whose treasure is the Spear (sword).

The Second Battle of Moytura took place not far from where I live in Sligo, so the legend goes, and I’m fascinated with these stories and what analogy and archetypal lessons I can discern from them.

This painting comes from that place.

It’s a rare mix of green/blue. Sometimes green, sometimes blue, it seems to change as the light changes...

12 X 16” approx (30 X 40cm)
On Canson professional Montval watercolour paper, with cruelty free brushes, holy water and watercolour pigment.

Signed on front, signed and titled on the back.

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