'The Talisman Of Double Nines'

'The Talisman Of Double Nines'


8 x 12” (20 x 50cm)
Painted using holy water from an ancient sacred well near where I live. The paint is from Daniel Smith’s Primatek range of genuine crystal watercolours. I used Kyanite, amethyst, amazonite, diopside and malachite.
This is an original piece and there will not be any prints; the energy can’t be recreated in printer ink! Also this original work sparkles in the light due to the crushed crystals.

It has symbolic representation of double 9's, so it would be a great activator in the right gua according to your Flying Stars natal chart (contact me to have this done on your home or workplace). If you don’t know your Feng Shui calculation then in the South it will also be magical (this is the home gua or Palace for the number 9). This is €220 unframed. It is shown here in a frame right now but it isn't a custom one, I do recommend 'float mounting' where the art 'floats' inside a box frame. It really shows it off that way and allows the art to breathe so to speak.

Signed, dated and titled on the back.

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