'Wind (Feng) Blowing Through the Maram Grass on its Way to the Sea (Shui)'

'Wind (Feng) Blowing Through the Maram Grass on its Way to the Sea (Shui)'


Feng means wind and Shui means water. Feng Shui really is a direct observation of the natural forces all around us. The energy carried on the wind is very Yang, active, and it has its counterpoint in the receptive Yin of bodies of water.

I’ve live on the west coast of Ireland. Its beautiful here in the seaside village of Strandhill. I grew up here. I was away for 20 years so when I came back it was like I had new eyes. Eyes to see the gifts. Eyes to see the unseen energy.

You can walk the sand dunes here and be stopped in your tracks at the breath taking beauty. It has happened to me so many times. I took these photos months before I created the painting. I guess all those walks were deep in my creative mind as I didn’t try to paint anything. I just wanted to work with the Malachite…

The wind literally blows through the maram grass on its way to the sea. The energy moves out of me and on to the paper…

It is the living in harmony with natural forces that we crave I believe. We can choose to work with Mother Nature and harmonise our needs, wants and desires with hers. Isn’t that amazing?

This painting is very special. It is painted in just two pigments. Bronzite and Malachite pure and genuine watercolour crystal paint. It really sparkles! Hard to photograph its true essence here. The malachite paint is no longer made. Apparently the crystal reacted with the tubes and it has been discontinued. My own tube’s lid would not screw on properly and wouldn’t stay sealed. Leaked out. I guess Malachite will not be contained.

12 x 9 inches (30 x 23cm) on The Langton Prestige 100% cotton, hot pressed paper, 300gsm.

Signed, dated and titled on the back.

Unframed. I recommend float framing the work in a white or limed oak box frame.

Created September 2018

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