'You Are The Entire Ocean In A Drop - l'

'You Are The Entire Ocean In A Drop - l'


Do you have a deep connection to the ocean too? This piece is inspired by light in rock pools on the beach. Its the first of a series.
This piece is very detailed in its articulation and has a strong yet restful energy. Just as the limestone and granite rocks on the shoreline do, meeting the Atlantic Ocean as it comes in and out daily. The painting is great for anchoring and grounding. I have used the pure crystal watercolour paint in the mineral bronzite here. Great where you want a correlation with the element of metal in your home.

(title inspired by a poem from Rumi)

10.25 x 14.25 inches (26 x 36cm)

Original watercolour and ink on Arches aquarelle heavyweight hot pressed paper. 

Signed, dated on front and titled on back. 


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