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now in their new homes around the world


I have had the honour of sending my art around the world; to Canada, USA, UAE, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Taiwan, Zambia and Aruba. I also have clients in Ireland and I send each and every one out with much love and with the intention that they will fill the homes and offices they are destined for with grace.

These have all sold directly from seeing them in my Instagram feed. A more formal shop may be in the works but for now if you are looking for a piece please browse over at @designerfengshui.

I have organised the sold pieces here by continent, please have a browse and if you see something you like there is an email button at the end. Drop me a line as I do accept commissions.


‘Magical Mountain Divining Sea’ 2017
Whitehorse, Canada

‘Zero Circle - Carried To The Divine’ 2017
Boston, USA

Zero Circle - A Mighty Kindness 2017
Boston, USA 

We are going through one of the ugliest moments in history here in America. As our country divides, I find solace in your art and I am hopeful once again that we’ll find peace.
— Tina N. - San Fancisco

‘Edge Energy Endless Sea’ 2017
Seattle, Washington

‘122-Zeros-And-Then-1’ 2017
Oceanside, California

‘Belief Structures Reality’ 2017
Dunedin, Florida

‘Goddess Mountain - Knocknarea’ 2017
Cape Canaveral, Florida

‘Luminous Energy And Peace’ 2017
Oceanside, California

‘Magic 8’ 2017
San Francisco, USA

Infinity And The Power Of Adventure’ 2017
Oceanside, California

Your art especially, always feels like channeling to me, a conduit to the divine. I feel like I can see the soul of nature!
— Missy H. PNW

‘Hooton Family Triptych’ 2017
San Juan Island, Pacific North West

‘We Are The Daughters Of The Witches You Weren’t Able to Burn’ 2017
Winnipeg, Canada

‘The Eyrie’ 2017
Winnipeg, Canada

‘Laniakea 4’ 2017
Winnipeg, Canada

‘Dawn Light Splash’ 2016
San Francisco, USA

‘Winged Infinity’ 2016
Brownsboro, Alabama

The parcels have arrived safe and sound!!! The “ Granddaughters” piece is absolutely spectacular! The radiance and light are breathtaking beyond words and it’s so, so much more than what the photographs were able to capture. It’s everything I’d hoped and so much more. I will give Sean his gift this evening and the timing couldn’t be more perfect! I simply cannot thank you enough. The beautiful “book mark” the exquisite attention to detail in packaging and all you do . . . I just want to add that while it may seem fanciful, there is a lovely energy about the mailing tube itself - the labels and stamps feel as if they carry the energy of your country. What a gift! Many, many thanks. ❤
— Dawn L. Winnipeg


‘Marriage Of Trigrams 4 and 7’ 2018
Wexford, Ireland

I like the way your deep mind sees beautiful things and how you have learned to let that creativity flow out of you freely, it’s not wildly common and something quite special to treasure. I sense from your artwork that you are quite a sensitive soul which is lovely and also quite something to behold. I think that a deep connection to your own inner being enabled your true creativity to flourish.
— D Guichard - photographer SA

Commission - ‘Pink Infinity and Number 8’ talismanic amulet 2017
Wexford, Ireland

‘Sensemaking 1’ 2018
London, UK

‘Sensemaking 11’ 2018
London, UK

‘Sovereignty Of The Land’ 2017
Schwanstetten, Germany

Commissioned Sigil 2017
Geneva, Switzerland

‘Destiny Numbers Entwined upon Marriage’ 2017
Wexford, Ireland

‘Knocknarea at Dawn’ 2017
Dublin, Ireland

‘Ground. Grow. Grace.’ 2017
Sligo, Ireland

‘Tuatha Dé Danann, at Sacred Well’ 2017
Sligo, Ireland

‘Knocknarea. Surfer's View At Sunset.’ 2017
Sligo, Ireland

‘Forest Bathing’ 2017
Dublin, Ireland

‘Bridge Infrastructure Differences - Matrix Series’ 2017
Dublin, Ireland

‘Endlessnessnessness’ 2017
Dublin, Ireland

‘The Four Directions - East’ 2016
Wexford, Ireland

‘Talisman, 40 years, Family of Four’ 2016
Sligo, Ireland

‘Onwards. Beyond. Above. From and To.’ 2016
Sligo, Ireland

‘Two Destiny 9s Getting Married’ 2016
Barcelona, Spain

‘Rest. Repose. Reflect.’ 2016
Sligo, Ireland

‘Talisman For A Fairy Glen Songwriter’ 2016
Sligo, Ireland

‘Knocknarea West Face’ 2016
Sligo, Ireland

‘The Light Dreamer’ 2016
Dublin, Ireland

‘My Heart Is In The Sun’ 2016
Galway, Ireland

‘Hawksbeard Seedhead’ 2015
Dublin, Ireland

‘Spring Equinox’ 2014
Sligo, Ireland

AUstralia / NZ

‘Laniakea Portals’ 2017
Melbourne, Australia

Oh the heaven of art that touches your soul. A shout out to the incredible Áine Atara for sharing her art with the world. We are better for it. Áine’s work is incredible, made with crushed crystals and water from holy wells near her Sligo home. You can feel it under your skin. It’s crazy how we can forget the deep need we all have to create and be around creation. It’s so life giving. It awakens parts of us that sleep while we press on with less soulful ways of living.
— Lara C. Melbourne


‘You Are Not Required To Put Yourself On Ice To Cool Others Down’ 2017
Taipei, Taiwan


‘Jordan Soul Family Talisman’ 2017
Lusaka, Zambia


‘Oracular Consciousness Within - A Higher and Deeper Knowing’ 2017
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

‘Pluto Rising’ 2016
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

South America

‘Effusive Eternal Love’ 2017
Aruba, Caribbean

shipping pink paper aine atara.jpg
You create the most lyrical drawings which have such an exquisite delicate beauty.
— Marion L. USA
shipping with card.jpg

White Feather - drawing 2015
Sligo, Ireland