You want beauty and meaning together.

I create art pieces intentionally made to be talismans and amulets. Hang them in your home and feel protected, empowered and supported.

Family triptych. Commissioned by a collector in the Pacific Northwest, USA


Each panel is 20cm x 50cm / 7.9" x 19.7" They are painted using genuine crystal watercolours and Holy water. I used Kyanite (blues), Rhodonite (pinks), MaIachite (soft greens), Amethyst (deep purples), Diopside (rich deep greens) and Amazonite (bright cyans).

Panel 1 of 3; ‘Katie - Destiny Number 9’ - Nine elemental forms represent the Destiny Number of a beloved daughter.

Panel 2 0f 3; ‘Missy & Ed - Destiny Number 9s’-  two bands of nine elemental forms represent the Destiny Numbers of the ‘twin flame’ couple.

Panel 3 of 3; ‘Aerin - Destiny Number 7’ - Seven elemental forms represent the Destiny Number of a second beloved daughter.

Commissioning a Talismanic Work :

As a designer, I have always been interested in creating beautiful things that have special, or even hidden, personal meaning for my clients. As an artist I continue to blend beauty and meaning together. 

My collectors are looking for special, protective amulet and empowering talismanic pieces to hang in their homes and offices.

Most are painted with special Daniel Smith watercolour paint uniquely made from genuine, rare and pure ground crystals. The ones I use are Tiger's Eye (browns), Kyanite (blues), Rhodonite (pinks), MaIachite (soft greens), Garnet (russet reds) , Amethyst (deep purples), Diopside (rich deep greens), Amazonite (bright cyans), Hematite (granulating blacks and greys), Bronzite (sparkly golds). They are amazing to work with but require a lot of patience and a gentle touch. To activate the colours on your behalf I collect very special water. It comes from an ancient 'Holy Well' near where I live in the West of Ireland.

These talismanic paintings are easy to order. The symbology I will use will be collaboratively chosen to suit you and your intention. We chat it over first via WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype or FaceBook Messenger. The process of commissioning does not take much time on your part. In fact often too much information can interfere with the way this work appears in the world. It is a magical process for sure.

Prices for unframed commissions are as follows. Shipping options for your location are quoted separately. I ship all over the world using DHL or Express Registered post.

An A4 size (21x30cm or 8x12"approx) is €300 / $315 / £260

An A3 size (30x42cm or 12x16"approx) is €500 / $525 / £435

An A2 size (42x59cm or 16x23"approx )is €650 / $685 / £565

Send me a note to get started, we chat and I’ll send a PayPal invoice. Depending on my schedule you should have your work within two weeks.