What interior designers love to talk about at dinner parties

I remember I was invited to a gathering at someone's house years ago. We were all sitting in the living room and the conversation was on what we all did for a living. The host asked me and when I said "interior designer" she blanched and kind of drew in her shoulders. Her eyes darted around the room and she said "Oh no! you must think this place is awful!"

I don't often get a reaction like that and the truth is I really don't make judgements when I'm off duty!

What I do love to talk about instead is how great a space can look and feel and why that matters to how you look and feel. I love to talk about the natural world and what a gift marble and stone is. Made under the elemental forces of FIRE and EARTH these materials are among my favourite to work with. And the best place to source the material is Italy. There they have the skills and technology to process blocks of raw stone that are shipped there from around the world. I have gone there often to hand select slabs for my client's projects. Here are some of my photos. 

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Áine Atara