We are so very glad that we contacted Áine ahead of our new creative shop opening in 2018. We are two creative businesses, Healing Creations Mandala Art and ANU Skincare, who share a space in the beautiful setting of the old courtyard in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham. The building is old, dating back to the 17th century and holds a lot of history and energy too. We felt that a Feng Shui consultancy would be beneficial to the space. From the very beginning we felt extremely comfortable and connected with Áine; it was as though we had known her for a long time and working with her felt very right. Áine has an exceptional knowledge of classical Feng Shui and her soulful and aesthetic delivery of advice has been simply wonderful.

We have been implementing Áine’s suggestions for each Gua of the shop, rectifying the energy where Áine advised it needs remedying. Writing our intentions for our business and our creative lives has been so uplifting. Knowing where to place our money and where not to has also been fantastic. We can almost feel the energy shift as we proceed in implementing each remedy. INDEED, ONLY FIVE MINUTES AFTER WRITING AND PLACING OUR AFFIRMATIONS FOR THE FINANCIAL ASPECT OF THE SHOP, IN WALKED A LADY TO WHOM WE MADE OUR BIGGEST SALE YET! When people enter the space, they exhale. It’s as though the space calms and centres them. You can literally see and feel them relax. The most common phrase we hear is ‘this place is magical!’

We feel that Áine’s Feng Shui suggestions have absolutely improved the energy of our shop and of our businesses. We are watching our intentions come to fruition! We would highly recommend Áine and her beautiful and soulful work.
— Patricia Fitzgerald, Healing Creations Mandala Art @ 300 Acres

I am a fan, I simply love both designs, BRAVO Áine!
We will produce these pieces!!!!! Thank you for your work, I am impressed!
— Michael Wagner, Président/CEO Charles Paris, Interior Jewelry Since 1908

Hello darling Áine! I can feel your spirit inspiring me through the Everywhen and I love it! You are one of earth’s most glorious Wayfinders; I’m so blessed you found your way to our Tribe. xoxo
— Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author and columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

[after reviewing an interior design project] I took a notebook to write down everything I didn’t like. Look, it’s empty! I liked everything!
— HH Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Daughter of the Ruler of Dubai

..but Áine you don’t realise, no one else saw that; not the architect or realtor. Wow, with your layout, I don’t even want to sell!
— private interior design client, Boston, USA

...LOVE your artwork too, you’ve got an incredible ability for creative design which I love and respect.
— Denis G.

Your work, no, your creations are so truly exquisite I can hardly breathe!
— Tara R.

You are the most perfect of all people to assist me. YOU also contain such love light and authenticity and you have an amazing depth of soul and insight. I trust you implicitly
— Regina D, Dublin
I’m very open about it everything so really happy to admit we need help! I completely trust you, so we one hundred percent feel confident in the advice you’ll give!
— Deborah C. - Dublin
I had a Classical Feng Shui Flying Stars consultation. I absolutely loved the experience. I have rearranged my home as per the Full Report and Áine gave such valuable advice. I’m thrilled with how our home looks. It feels more spacious. Also I achieved what I wanted; to have a vibe that was much fresher, cleaner and less cluttered! I absolutely love my Family & Community gua. It brings me joy every time I see it.
— Audrey B - professional and busy mum of two, Dublin

Áine, you have a gift for pleasure, surprise, delight. 
— Anne D. - Massachusetts

Áine Atara-MacDermott is so talented. An interior architect and pre-design strategist, she has a special relationship to and with space, be it in a room, online, on a page, or drawing… If you need pre-design advice, you only need to refer to her impressive and extensive client list to know you’re in good hands. Or you can just take my word for it too. Like me, she sees that art is indeed, everything. And you don’t need to be in Ireland to access her skills!
— Lynn F. - Points North Creative, Canada