talisman + amulet 'Rhodonite, Amethyst and Jadeite; Infinity 8 symbol'

talisman + amulet 'Rhodonite, Amethyst and Jadeite; Infinity 8 symbol'


Painting energy.

This piece is designed to be both the most auspicious Feng Shui number, 8, and the infinity symbol.

It holds a high vibration too as it was painted on Valentine’s night, using real crystal watercolour paint; Rhodonite (a type of rose quartz), Amethyst and Jadeite. I used water collected from a holy well near where I live. When it was finished and I put my hands over it to fill it full of blessings.

I could feel its energy very strongly. Having a talismanic amulet like this in your home is a beautiful addition. I would place it somewhere central, especially as the Flying Star 8 is at the centre gua until February 2020.

It is 24 x 32 cm, or 9.4 x 12.6 inches on Hahnemüle’s rare ‘Leonardo’ mould-made, heavyweight, watercolour paper; which is 600g/m²

Signed, titled and dated on the back. There is additional malachite watercolour wash on the back.

Will look best ‘float mounted’ on white and box framed in limed oak, leave room for the art to ‘breathe’...

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